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The World Cup Makes Money With A Doorway. The Merchant Sells The Most Expensive Raincoat For $200.
Aug 02, 2018

Mexico’s game against Cameroon was in heavy rain. A businessman from Natal, who bought an expensive raincoat worth 29 Brazilian reals (about 90 yuan), immediately changed hands to $200 (1200 yuan). The high price of RMB) is the most cost-effective business.

José said: "When I heard her tell me $200, I thought she was joking, so I said thank you and then left. Later I thought about it and asked if she was true, she already I started to save money. I don't know which country she is. The husband next to her is wearing a Mexican jersey. She talks to me in Spanish."

José got the World Cup tickets at the company where his girlfriend works, because the seats were in an open area, so they decided to buy a raincoat near the stadium before the start of the race just in case. He said: "The raincoat is worth up to 12 reais (about 36 yuan). I bought it with my teeth."

Before the game, Natal had heavy rain, which prevented the fans from rushing to the Dunas Stadium to watch the ball. Many people crowded at the bus stops, bars and restaurants to hide from the rain. Many vendors also used the high price to sell rain gears at an average price of 30. A pair of Real (about 90 yuan).

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