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Track Product Processes And Turn Quality
Aug 03, 2018

Quality is the lifeblood of an enterprise. The quality of products is good or bad. It determines the future and market demand of enterprises. The quality of production is the tense trick to ensure that enterprises can occupy the market and thus can continue to operate. One enterprise wants to be bigger and stronger. Progressive quality is the top priority!

In order to make better progress in quality and quality in 2018, we have established a reasonable initiative for the quality of the raincoat quality department, and come up with a plan to improve quality. IPQC and QA have a reasonable division of labor, responsibilities are in place, and they have adopted excellent methods to control the quality problems in the production process. When the sample is manufactured, we set a certain model, and track each process according to the report, effectively preventing the defective product from flowing to the next process in real time. This method of progress has improved our control over the quality of production. As the quality is guaranteed, the passing rate of the raincoat has improved the company's credibility and production cost, and has improved the company's competitiveness and made a powerful step for winning the future market.

It is our responsibility to ensure the quality of production and quality. It is the guarantee of a good raincoat brand. It is a model for measuring the work of the quality department. The quality control work needs the positive presence of all employees, so that we can work hard to build with our own hands. Li Deming brand, let the quality know in mind in the hearts of all staff members, a total of a wonderful future.

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