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Type And Function Of Shoe Cover
May 14, 2018

Just decorated the house, friends and family came, change shoes or not? Change, private slippers become public slippers, do not change, friends go after a good work. For this reason, disposable plastic shoes into ordinary urban families, especially high-end apartments and luxury homes, is also equipped with plastic shoes. The house has a problem, the decorator comes to the door service, automatically put on the plastic shoe sleeve, let the person feel very thoughtful very warm.QQ截图20180514143950.png

Plastic shoe covers were originally used in laboratories, car exhibition halls, hospitals, microcomputer rooms, hotels, and dust-free factories. With the improvement of people's quality of life, plastic shoe covers have gradually entered our lives with their convenience, hygiene, cleanliness, and practicality. Common in the home is a disposable plastic shoe cover, low cost and very convenient, in order to meet the needs of different environments, manufacturers also introduced Anti-Slip plastic shoes suitable for rain and snow weather and so on.


 red waterproof shoe covers.jpg

At present, the North and South are in the rainy summer, which is the season when plastic shoe sleeves are selling well, and it is also a time when entrepreneurs are relatively easy to open the market. In recent years, the use of home has also become larger and larger. Some families even use automatic shoe covers to gently step into the shoe covers, and a shoe sleeve is automatically placed on the foot, which completely solves the embarrassment and inconvenience of changing shoes.

One-time shoe covers are basically plastic shoe covers, using raw materials such as PVC, PE, non-woven cloth and so on. Since plastic shoes do not come into direct contact with our body and food, we generally do not have to be so strict on the material, as long as it meets your requirements for use.

 PVC waterproof shoe covers.jpg



One-time shoe covers can provide a variety of cloth shoe sleeve styles. Nowadays, office workers basically wear high-end leather shoes. When it rains, the quality of leather shoes will be affected, and sometimes they 

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