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Warm Heart Guy Let The Raincoat To The Child
Jul 19, 2018

On the morning of 4.9, a very warm incident occurred in Zhongshan: a security guard took off his raincoat and gave it to a little girl without a raincoat.

  Ms. Zong, who lives in Yangzi Street, Hankou, started her race in Hanma yesterday morning. Ms. Zong took her 6-year-old daughter to the Zhongshan Avenue to watch the game. Ms. Zong did not bring an umbrella because she did not rain when she went out, but when it was around 8 o'clock, it suddenly rained. Ms. Zong wants to go home with her daughter. She did not expect her daughter to insist on going home.18d8bc3eb13533faab3bd85ca0d3fd1f41345b36.jpg

Ms. Zong had to take off her clothes and put her on her body. However, a security guard standing next to the track saw his work raincoat and put it on for the child. Ms. Zong hurriedly declined: "How can you ask for your raincoat every day?" But the security guard insisted on wearing it for the child. Ms. Zong agreed to see the status quo, and the security guard took off the raincoat. Go back to the original position and work in the rain. Every worker is very hard, so we all have to actively cooperate with their work, and we should learn the spirit of helping others like this security guard.

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