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What Is The Most Resounding Raincoat Brand In Shenzhen?
Aug 02, 2018

Every industry has a brand, so what is the most popular raincoat brand in Shenzhen?

The raincoat industry is a labor-intensive industry. In addition to the raw materials for raincoats, other basics require a lot of manual work. Many companies do wholesale and do not produce raincoats themselves.

Some companies register their own trademarks and then get the raincoat factory to process the OEM. Therefore, in Shenzhen, the well-known raincoat brands are actually very few. After all, it takes a long time to build a brand.

Like the raincoat made by Shenzhen Li Deming, the quality is not bad. Compared with other manufacturers or companies, the quality is guaranteed, and the price will not be high, so you can choose to choose the raincoat!

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