Shenzhen LIDEMING Technology Co.,Ltd


  • Mountain Climbing Raincoats

    Go to work and go out for a rainy day or take a break for the emergency use or as a rest food mat below. or mat on the ground to rest on the way to travel.We are Mountain climbing raincoats...
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  • Blue Anti-static Shoe Covers

    Blue anti-static shoe cover, hand-made shoe cover made by hand and hand. Welcome electronic factories need to prevent static electricity manufacturers from sending emails or calling to consult.
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  • Non Slip Shoe Covers

    We are a company that develops, produces and sells raincoats, shoe covers and non-woven products. We are PVC student bike raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC student bike raincoat 12...
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  • PVC Outdoor Waterproof Raincoat

    Transparent rainwear allows you being fashion and showing off your clothes in a rainy day. This light rain coat is also great for festivals.We are PVC outdoor waterproof raincoat china supplier....
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  • PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat

    Waterpoof and environmental,recyclable use for a long time Petite size,Lightweight and Portable.We are PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat...
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  • PVC Waterproof Raincoat

    trendy color block hemline with a touch of style to make you out of ordinary in the crowd.We are PVC waterproof raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC waterproof raincoat 12 years old,...
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  • Cloth Shoe Cover

    We are Cloth shoe cover china supplier. We have been in the Cloth shoe cover 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.
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  • Eco Friendly PVC Shower Cap

    eco friendly PVC shower cap We supply eco friendly PVC shower cap china factory. We have professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the products...
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  • PVC Bath Bath Cap

    PVC bath bath cap We supply PVC bath bath cap china Production, research and development, design and other services. We have been in the Bath cap industry 12years old, obtained a number of...
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  • High-grade Non-slip Velvet Shoe Covers

    Our products sell well in overseas markets and are exported to more than 50 countries including the European Union, North America, South America and Asia.We are High-grade non-slip velvet shoe...
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  • High-grade Anti-skid Shoes Cover

    Style: gold velvet + glue point bottom corduroy + glue point bottom cotton shaka cloth + glue point bottom cotton bead canvas + glue point bottom.We are High-grade Anti-skid Shoes Cover china...
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  • PE Disposable Hat

    PE disposable hat We supply PE disposable hat china custom and OEM. We devoted ourselves to disposable PE bath cap 12year,,covering most of Europe and the Americas market. Aluminum foil bath cap...
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