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Antistatic Raincoat

Antistatic Raincoat

Durable 0.13mm thick EVA material, waterproof, reusable, portable and lightweight, comfortable to wear. Easy to carry and folds up compactly.We are antistatic raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to antistatic raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Backpack raincoat and Bike raincoat

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Come with 4 pieces waterproof raincoats with different colors (blue + yellow + white + purple), one size fits for most women and men.

Attached drawstring hood and long sleeves, plastic snap type closure.

Durable 0.13mm thick EVA material, waterproof, reusable, portable and lightweight, comfortable to wear. Easy to carry and folds up compactly.

Note: Mostly suitable for adults with 180cm (or less) in height and 90kg (or less) in weight. Depending on a person's size, it may be shorter or longer and size is good for layering a sweatshirt underneath.

Good emergency set for various outdoor activities, suitable for theme parks, rainy days, water rides, camping and hiking, etc.





What are the characteristics of an anti-static raincoat
Anti-static function: static electricity will absorb dust, and adsorption of dust in the wind is not easy to be blown away. At the same time, the performance of this anti-static raincoat must be lasting and efficient, and it will not be significantly attenuated due to daily washing and friction.
The anti-static raincoat fabric itself is not dusty: Because it is worn in the clean room, it is required that the fabric can not be the source of dust in the clean room, which determines that ultra-clean fabrics can only be produced using chemically synthesized long fibers. At the same time, it is required that the selected chemical fiber filament should also strictly control the amount of dust.
The fabric of the anti-static raincoat should have good dust filtration: the dust in the clean room mainly comes from the indoor air and the human body that is active in the room. When the equipment conditions are determined, Improving cleanliness requires the maximum amount of dust produced by the human body to be contained in the clothing and allowed to pass through the fabric into the air. This is called a high filtration rate of the fabric.

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