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Car Raincoat

Car Raincoat

Polyester cloth raincoat, thickened men and women riding raincoat volume Big go Logistics, this section for the hot, run, inexpensive, welcome to consult.We are Car raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to Car raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Men's PE disposable raincoat and Concert PE disposable raincoat.

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Basic Info

Product name: Car Raincoat

Brand name: lideming

Material: PVC

Style: electric poncho

Color: pink dots, customizable


Made by PVC material, our raincoat is waterproof and environmental, which can be recycled and used for a long time. It is perfect for wearing during the cold windy weather, especially when it rains.  It is durable and suitable for all seasons, just have one in your backpack for any outdoor activities or on the go and travel need in case of sudden rain.


LAYOUT-- The instance is crafted from tough nylon canvas. This sturdy bag will not} obtain squashed in your trunk, rear seat, extra tire area or vehicle bed like the majority of packages on the marketplace. Light-weight, portable but still waits you require permanently's unanticipated occasions.

VERSATILE-- Fantastic package for a lot of  vehicle emergency situations, consisting of: winter months climate, trip, dead battery, small break down or finder binder. Perfect for newbie cars and truck proprietors, and also skilled vehicle fanatics. Wonderful present for: Papa, Mommy, Other Half, Better Half, Fiancé, Daughters, Sons, Nieces, Nephews, Granddaughters and Grandsons. Every person needs to have among these in each of their automobiles. Stash this package in your lorry and await a lot of unanticipatedvehicle emergency situations.

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The difference between a bicycle and a car raincoat.
Many people can not tell the difference between this two types of raincoats when they buy. Here is where the manufacturer said about the difference .
The main differences are the following.
A car raincoat is generally larger in size than a bicycle one, because the car itself is also larger than a bicycle.
(2) The second difference is that electric cars generally have rearview mirrors, so some car raincoats will have two rain covers that protect mirrors. Bicycles are not available.

(3) The third feature is that they are generally double-hatted. Because electric vehicles ride faster, they pay more attention to the protection of the head and prevent rain from hitting the face.

Friendly reminder: Take good care of your own bear child. 

Typhoon "Ann ratio" transit Shanghai police in the investigation of road hazards, found a lost girl, police immediately took off the raincoat wrapped children. Fortunately, in the police inquiries, the child's mother with another little girl to find back. Originally, the Careless mother in the wind and rain holding the cake, holding sister, but careless sister "lost."

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