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Combination Of Raincoat

Combination Of Raincoat

We are combination of raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to combination of raincoat for 12years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Backpack raincoat and Bike raincoat.

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Product highlights:
Good rainproof, wear resistance is not easy to tear: including wear-resistant factors, rain resistance is not easy to tear, fine and smooth, rain proof breathable.

Hydrophobic effect of Lotus leaf: The surface structure of rainproof fabric has hydrophobic effect like Lotus leaf, and dirt such as ash layer is not easy to adhere to the surface.

Anti-mildew, good high temperature resistance: strengthened anti-mildew and heat and cold resistance, can adapt to minus 10 degrees in winter, not hard, not easy to produce mildew spots, lasting bright.

The transparent big hat cornice is moderately soft and hard: select the elastic PVC material with moderate soft and hard to make the hat cornice, good bending and transparent, and easy riding.

Cap rope + buckle + hat cornice is firm: Select extended cap rope, put on a raincoat, pull the cap rope, you can firm the rain cap, not be overturned by wind and rain.

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combination of raincoat packing standards:
1. 5 raincoats must be tied together and must be tied together in more than 3 colors.
2. Packing according to the quantity of packaging on the price list.
3. Big bag mouth suture must be more than 4 stitches.
4. On the outer packing bag, indicate the cargo number, quantity, packing person code, packing date, clean writing, accurate quantity, and timely storage.
5. Check against customer's packing requirement.


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