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Double Cycling Raincoat

double cycling raincoat We provide double cycling raincoat china sample test. We have been in the double cycling raincoat 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply, Bicycle raincoat. Brand: Lideming Usage: motorcycle/electric truck poncho. Whether or not: no....

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Brand: Lideming

Usage: motorcycle/electric truck poncho.

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof coat: routine.

Fabric thickness: 0.05 (mm)

Raincoat fabric: PVC

Waterproof adhesive layer: PVC adhesive.

Applicable object: adult.

Applicable number: 2 persons.

Packing: bagged.








1、Two-man bike raincoat made of PVC material or ordinary material, which is better?

Certainly PVC is better than ordinary materials.

2.、When you make a two-man bike raincoat, the remaining raincoat corner is cut. Does anyone recycle it?

We have also sold a two-man bike raincoat corner. In addition, you can take a bit, then using a lighter to burn it,  the white smoke can be sold, the black smoke is generally not anyone wants to using it. The garbage king is very clear about this tips. Hope it will help you.


It is reported that with the arrival of the rainy season, in order to save the trouble of supporting the umbrella, Harrow bicycles launched the "five-star good riding" custom raincoat, and chose the young people's favorite attitude copy on the raincoat, using "easy life never to be with yourself." The vindictive spirit has been meticulously designed and produced, and the concept of “easy and effortless” of the Haro cycling five-star ride has been passed, which has resonated with users. Among them, the word "easy" is pun, which means that the body is easy to ride and the spirit is relaxed.

The Haro cycling "Five Stars Good Ride" raincoat dance flash show is mainly staged at Hefei Baohe Wanda Plaza, Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street and Xiaoyaojin Park. The Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street is the Hefei Center, covering Parkson, Baida, Drum Tower and Yintai. the mall. The activity aims to attract passers-by to watch the crowd through the brisk, professional and rhythmic street dance performance. While drawing closer to the brand and users, it also hopes to remind users to pay attention to the safe travel of rainy days and guide young people to experience the fun of cool wear.

At the end of last year, Haro Bicycle officially went online in Hefei. Before the implementation of the national exemption policy on March 13, Hefei has implemented a deposit-free riding policy as a pilot city for Harrow bicycle credit exemption. Harrow bicycles have been stationed in Hefei for more than half a year, and each bicycle has left a different riding track on the urban road. A gradual intertwined and increasingly dense trajectory is leading the way of low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green travel, bringing about changes in people's travel structure and promoting the green development of Hefei.

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