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One-man Bike Raincoat

one-man bike raincoat We produce one-man bike raincoat china supplier. We devoted ourselves to one-man bike raincoat 12 years, covering most of Europe )and the Americas market. We are also supply men raincoat suit. Brand: Lideming Usage: motorcycle/electric truck poncho Whether or not: no...

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Brand: Lideming

Usage: motorcycle/electric truck poncho

Whether or not: no

Waterproof coat: routine

Fabric thickness: 0.05 (mm)

Raincoat fabric: PVC

Waterproof adhesive layer: PVC adhesive

Applicable object: adult

Applicable number: 1 person

Packing: bagged








How about one-man bike raincoat?
Raincoats do not distinguish between bicycles style and non-cyclists style. Raincoats are mainly distinguished by length, whether it is a one-man bike raincoat or a two-man bike raincoat. But, at present, there is no waterproof raincoat which not only light, but also can protection against rain for a long time in the market. Complete plastic material is not tear resistant! Moreover, when you ride a bicycle, sweating will be faster, so it is not suitable to wear a split-type raincoat. Because in this case wearing split raincoats, it is often rain outside, heavy rain inside (drip sweat).What we recommend is: if the weather is not windy, wear raincoats with sandals, shorts pants would be more comfortable. If it is windy weather, such as plain areas, you have to choose according to the actual situation.

2、Wearing a raincoat to commit crimes

A 27-year-old young man in a raincoat driving a motorcycle to snatch someone else’s property and thinking he can avoid legal sanctions. However, I did not expect that the incident was only more than 5 hours. The Guiyang police station of Shantou Chaoyang Public Security Bureau arrested the suspect Guo Mouyong and recovered the mobile phone and cash of 1200 yuan.

After the case occurred, the Guiyu police station immediately dispatched personnel to the scene for exploration and on-site visits, and collected video surveillance along the road, successfully discovering the escaping suspects' escape route. However, the man was wearing a raincoat and deliberately concealed his physical features. The police lined up to investigate the visit to the residential area of Liandi Village and Shanlian Village, and determined that the looting and theft of the former staff member Guo Mouyong was suspected of major crimes. Therefore, the institute quickly organized the police to carry out the arrest. At about 4:20 pm on the same day, Guo Mouyong was arrested in Shanlian Village, Guiyu Town. In the home, he seized a motorcycle with a crime tool, and recovered 1200 yuan, the oppoA57 mobile phone. 1 part.

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