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Students Cycling Raincoat

students cycling raincoat We produce students cycling raincoat china Wholesalers. We devoted ourselves to students cycling raincoat many years, covering most of Western Europe and the Australia market. We are also supply Eva adult raincoat. Product name: student cycling bike. Brand: Lideming...

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Product name: student cycling bike.

Brand: Lideming

Material: 190t polyester fabric.

Color: customizable.

Specification: 135 * 110 cm

Printing Logo:may

Process customization: yes.


1. Use the transparent film screen with natural setting to prevent rain from getting wet when you travel in a rainy day.



2. Adjust the neck tension according to the individual needs, effectively prevent rainwater from flowing into the neck, and make the brim more fitting to the face.


3. The waterproof adhesive tape at the seam of the raincoat is fused with the water-proof coating at high temperature, and it is not easy to fall off during the winter, so as to effectively prevent the water seepage.


4. There are elastic bands inside the hat, which can adjust the tightness according to the size of the head, and have a fixed effect.




1、How can the students cycling  raincoat  change it back to new look?

students cycling  raincoat will become old after several time using, or even become loopholes, so how to make it back to the new look?

The fabric of the students cycling  raincoat is chemically treated, so it has a strong waterproof performance. But with the time of wear is long, the effect of rainproof will gradually decrease, and it will infiltrate when it rains again.

So you can buy a bottle of rain slurry or 5-10 pieces of aluminum acetate put into 40-50℃ water. Then sweep the washed students cycling  raincoat all into water, and constantly turn it, so that all parts of the clothes will be sucked through the raindrops, next is hang in a cool and ventilated place until it reaches 80-90% dry, then using iron to flat the students cycling  raincoat (70 °C about).

Such a students cycling  raincoat is not much different from the new one.

2、Students cycling  raincoat  descaling  method.

If students cycling  raincoat is dirty, it can not be scrubbing wash. If you use the following method, you will be able to make your raincoat completely new. Put the students cycling  raincoat which is full of oil dirt on the table, dip it in soapy water or washing powder, then wash it gently, next is rinse it 2-3 times in clean water, after washing to dry it is enough.

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