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Disposable Plastic Raincoat

disposable plastic raincoat We devise disposable plastic raincoat china factory. We have been in the disposable plastic raincoat 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply disposable raincoats printing. Product information: Product brand: Lideming. Product no. :...

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Product information:

Product brand: Lideming.

Product no. : yy-ycx01.

Material: PEVA.

Product origin: Shenzhen.

Product style: simple.

Product specification: 160*75cm.

Package number: independent packing.

Customization: yes.

Whether to Print logo: can






Travel outside the portable disposable raincoat thickening more transparent adult poncho, outdoor tourism disposable raincoat, very convenient in use and carry, at any time into a bag or a car for a rainy day, no burden, daily use! Use: outdoor, travel, mountaineering, camping, concert, water park, etc. Emergency raincoat, which is easy to carry and protect your skin and hair, away from urban acid rain.





1、The method of filling the disposable plastic raincoat

If the disposable plastic raincoat is broken, you can align the break first, put a piece of glass paper on it, and press it with a hot iron stick on it. The time of the lower pressure should not be too long, so that the glass paper is not perm, and the underneath the plastic will stick well.

If a disposable plastic raincoat had a hole, you can use the same plastic sheet to cut it into squares or rounds that are slightly larger than the hole, cover it on the hole, then put the cellophane on it, and heat it up in the same way.

2、Plastic can be made into a disposable plastic raincoat and disposable plastic rain shoes, what is the performance of plastic?

The composition of plastics is a polymer, such as polyethylene, which is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, soft texture, and thermoplastic.

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