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Disposable Transparent Poncho

Disposable Transparent Poncho

We are a disposable raincoat manufacturer, with large-scale production machinery and equipment, can supply a large number of raincoats, can be customized for new and old customers.

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Our product is simply a raincoat that cannot be used many times. It is thin and generally made of plastic and may not be able to carry on the second use. It is not comparable in quality with ordinary raincoats, but has certain advantages in other performance features. It is commonly used in many places such as water sports, outdoor courts and mountaineering Tours in amusement parks.



Can be foled, easy to store

Easy to carry and handle

Can be used in many occasions

Basic Specification

Material: PE

Weight: 40g

Packing: OPP bag

Thickness: (2 wire thickness, ie 0.02 mm, 100 wire = 1 mm)

Unit: piece

Color: Purple / Yellow / Blue / White / Customizable

Uses: outdoor travel essential, rainy days can be reused many times, not easy to break

Features: Compact and easy to carry, it is a must-have item for summer and rainy weather.


This raincoat is the world's first card-type product invented by two foreigners - raincard. As the name suggests, it has only the size of the card. I believe everyone must hate the rainy days. When it rains, remember to go out. With an umbrella or a raincoat, there are already enough things in the hand,which makes you bothering.

Moreover, after use, storage has become a problem.  It takes a lot of effort to dry wet things, store, and reuse. In such a highly efficient life in modern times, Everyone who is so troublesome is not willing to do it, so the card product introduced today must be your savior. It is only the size of the card, and the thickness is only as thick as two or three cards. You can put it. Put it in your wallet, in your pocket or even inside the phone case, you don't have to worry about carrying it.

When you use it, just gently tear open the outer cover, spread it out, and this project is one-off. After using it, you can throw it away without worrying about storage problems. Imagine that when everyone else is wearing something, only you are refreshing and unrelenting in front of everyone, you must have a high rate of return.

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