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Double A Raincoat

Double A Raincoat

We are double a raincoat china supplier. We devoted ourselves to double a raincoat 12 years, covering most of Europe and the Americas market. We are also supply Raincoat fashion.Be sure to see when shopping, whether it is with a pocket, or with a backpack, or with a pocket and a backpack.

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EVA is a new type of environmental-friendly plastic, which has the advantages of good buffering, anti-seismic, heat insulation, moisture-proof and chemical corrosion, and is non-toxic and non-absorbent. Strong toughness, able to withstand cold and sun exposure.
Now, We adopt EVA materials to our raincoats to create more changes and make it more fashionable and novel.


Material-- Made From EVA, an environmentally friendly material,non-toxic, no odor and also harmless.

Water resistant-- bonded seams coat with drawstring hood, keep you as well as your r youngsters' knapsack dry.

Durable & Portable-- it is resilient, tear immune and lightweight. Meanwhile it's soft, comfy to wear as well as foldable in small dimension.

Eco-Friendly-- it is high quality,wear-resistant textile, really smooth surface area. Windproof, waterproof, it is easy to clean as well as fast dry. Safe environmentally friendly materials to protect youngsters's health and wellness.

Basic Specification

Brand Name: Li Deming

Product Name: EVA Raincoat

Shade: blue/pink/ eco-friendly/ clear/ yellow/ personalized

Dimension: M/L/ XL/XXL

Design: no pocket, with pocket, with backpack

Personalized Handling: Yes

Include logo design: Yes

Extent of application: can put on greater than 1.5 meters

Eva adult raincoat.jpg

Eva fashion raincoat.jpgEva man raincoat.jpgEva men raincoat.jpgEva women raincoat.jpg




Our product is one of the necessary items in people's lives. Usually, it use waterproof fabrics such as tape, oil cloth, and plastic film. Paying more attention to the permeability, our product  is conducive to increase its comfort. .

Security friendly reminder: Rainy season, cyclists must pay attention! Scarves, long skirts, trouser legs are very dangerous, a Chinese man driving a tricycle because of wearing a raincoat was involved in the Tricycle drive shaft, resulting in his raincoat strangled. At the end of the man's head and neck to tighten, can't pull down, a roll on the tricycle shaft, was found when the man's face has been purple, so hurriedly alarm, and called 120 ambulances. The ambulance crew arrived at the scene and confirmed that the man had died from suffocation. Life is only once, and it can be done and cherished.

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