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Electric Car New Raincoat

electric car new raincoat We devise electric car new raincoat china Production, research and development, design and other services. We have been in the electric car new raincoat 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply disposable raincoats printing. Brand:...

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Brand: Lideming

Usage: motorcycle/electric truck poncho.

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof coat: routine.

Fabric thickness: 0.05 (mm)

Raincoat fabric :PVC

Waterproof glue layer PVC adhesive.

Applicable object: adult.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.

Whether the source of the patent: no.

Processing customization is

Origin (domestic) : Guangdong province.

Color: pink, blue, customizable.

Size: average size

Main downstream platform: independent station, quick sell, wish,  Amazon , eBay, LAZADA.

Main sales areas: northeast Asia, Europe, Africa, southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, North America.

Licensed private label: yes.

Is the cross-border supply source: yes.

Import: no





The transparent shade has the roof brim, lengthen and widen the designed flexible movable head to prevent from rain, and the top wind can prevent rain from wetting the face. Lengthen pull rope clip, the wind and rain is not afraid. A high reflective bar reminds the driving and vehicle bags to lock the raincoat with a tear. Simple and transparent materials return to simple, high-end atmosphere, no clothes, universal collocation, rain and rain days travel, go.




1、Do you know the specific use method of the electric car new raincoat?

Nowadays, people start to research on reflective products in many fields, because it can help people realize the desire of social harmony, and it can also make people travel more secure. The electric car new raincoat for safe electric vehicles that are now widely sold in the market are the preferred choices. What is the specific use of this reflective clothing rain?

First, it can have the effect of safety warning, because electric car new raincoat can undertake according to the length of the ambient light reflection of the corresponding adjustment, so can directly reflect the people's attention, at the same time its use area is very broad, broad application fields are also points, people can each time in life, at the same time can also to remind and warning role.

In addition, its brightness can be adjusted freely, and people can wear it easily and simply. For the elderly and children, this kind of reflective electric car new raincoat is also very novel and relatively easy to clean. It is perfectly suitable for many families.

I believe that all of you have made great efforts to ensure the safety of your family. For better enhance the family more comfortable and livelier, choose this charming brand electric car new raincoat.

This reflective electric car new raincoat has a high degree of high temperature resistance, and even if it is used for a long time, it will not wear or fade. This quality is in line with international standards and should be greatly promoted and used.

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