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Electric Reflective Raincoat

electric reflective raincoat We devise electric reflective raincoat china custom and OEM. We have been in the electric reflective raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply Disposable raincoat. Brand: Lideming Import: no Usage: rain-proof sanitation work...

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The neck is designed with a seamless day, so as to prevent the positive water infiltration, the spring elastic rope is fixed to the head, and the cap moves with the head to ensure the safety and design features of the car: seamless design and free adjustment. The sleeve part adopts the embedded threaded design to prevent the wind and rain from entering, the street machine is walking along, the coating adopts the professional PU pressure adhesive to ensure the overall protection of rain. The design features embedded cuffs, relaxed and fully protected from rain.


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What are the colors of reflective vests, yellow orange, red and blue?

Popular Science Online: Shenzhen reflective vest manufacturer. Everyone should have found out that reflective vests come in several colors: yellow, red, blue, orange, etc. But do you know what these colors represent? For those who want to know, you may wish to read today's sharing. .

We all know that nighttime travel, light sources such as lights shine on the reflective vest, and the reflective strips can form light reflections, reminding the driver of the car to avoid the danger of life-threatening traffic accidents in the dark environment. At night, if you walk on the road in dark clothes, it is difficult to distinguish, and it is very easy to accident. Reflective vests are suitable for road workers, traffic conductors, road maintenance personnel, motorcyclists and bicycle drivers, workers under dark light, etc. Local workers who need to be warned.

The main meanings of the various colors of the reflective vest are as follows:

Yellow indicates group leadership; red indicates security inspectors; blue indicates technology; orange is safety supervision.

Reflective vests are made of high-visibility reflective materials that can be sized and put on reflective vests to give you a good safety alert in bad weather or poor lighting conditions, alerting the driver or other people with you. In order to avoid accidents, it can be said that the reflective vest is a life-saving magic weapon.

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