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EVA Adult Raincoat

EVA adult raincoat We design EVA adult raincoat china Wholesalers. We devoted ourselves to EVA adult raincoat 12years, covering most of (Europe )and the Southeast Asia market. We are also supply Eva children raincoat. Rain gear for use on foot. Export: yes Whether or not: no. The raincoat is...

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Rain gear for use on foot.

Export: yes

Whether or not: no.

The raincoat is thick: thick.

Raincoat fabric: EVA

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable object: adult.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.

LOGO printing: yes




The protection of the protective face of the helmet is a large area to protect the face, which is beautiful and generous. The double layer pressure, the strong toughness of EVA material is not afraid of the storm. Strengthen the buckle, collar button + contraction rope = double protection, wind and rain. Multiple colors are available. The packing is convenient and quick. Thicker fabric, stronger quality is more guaranteed.



FAQ:Lideng raincoat participates in the motorcycle fair

        On April 27, 2018, Li Deming EVA Raincoat Co., Ltd. participated in the 32nd National Motorcycle Fair held in Shenzhen. The exhibition team led by Pan Manager and a team of seven people, showed the company's various motorcycle ponchos and raincoats produced in the past year, especially the 28 new products developed this year, which were welcomed by the participants. These new models are fully It shows the company's humanized design ability, showing the safety of the new poncho and raincoat. There are many varieties, and the new products are among the manufacturers in the exhibition. The company is ranked first. One customer wrote on the message board that “Li De Ming raincoat has a new launch every year, which makes us feel the innovative ability of the recruit, and feels the vitality of the forward neutrality. The little raincoat is a product that has made a positive move. Big market."

Visitors to the showroom of Lideng raincoats are constantly on the lookout. The customers carefully check the quality of the products and carefully study the structure of the styles. Many customers have also put forward constructive opinions on the products of Li Deming. The company puts these valuable opinions. After the summary, the company believes that these opinions will play a positive role in the company's development. In the three days, the company has received more than 230 new and old customers, with orders totaling more than one million yuan. Seeing the orders signed by the exhibition, the staff of Lideming Company said: "As long as there is cultivation, there will be gains."

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