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EVA Women Raincoat

EVA woman raincoat We design EVA woman raincoat china custom and OEM. We have been in the EVA woman raincoat 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply EVA fashion raincoat Rain gear for use on foot. Export: yes Whether or not: no. The raincoat is thick: thick....

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Rain gear for use on foot.

Export: yes

Whether or not: no.

The raincoat is thick: thick.

Raincoat fabric: EVA

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable objects: children.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.





EVA is a new environment-friendly non-toxic odorless material, anti-aging, oxidation resistance, green environment, stable performance, strong softness and elasticity, super low temperature resistance. Recyclable, natural degradation, no secondary pollution. The craft is very delicate, practical, safe, fashionable in one body. Adopt the environmental protection EVA thickening 18 silk material, resist the wear-resisting, the soft toughness is perfect to fuse the current fashion element to make a kind of diversity dress esthetics to appear.




1、Precautions when EVA woman raincoat are worn

1. Wearing EVA woman raincoat should not be totally reckless. In order to maintain the original appearance of EVA woman raincoat, lengthen the service life of the clothes, especially in the time of wear. When it comes to rain, snow and windy days, it is best not to wear them first.

2, It is better to change other clothes in two or three days, so that EVA woman raincoat can "rest" a little at home.

3. Don't dry in the big sun, the ultraviolet light will accelerate the clothing fiber aging and fuel fading, shorten the wearing life, just blow in the shade.

4. Should master the time interval of cleaning, not too long or too often. When the cuffs, clothing corners, and pockets have just been spotted with "glossy" stains, it should be cleaned immediately and it should not be worn any longer, so as not to aggravate the stains. If you want to wash out the heavy stains, you may cause the abrasion of the clothes, which will affect the appearance.

In the washing of EVA woman raincoat , we should pay attention to: wash EVA woman raincoat with warm water and no bleaching and dyeing washing powder. The best temperature is 40-50 degrees. After soaking for 20 minutes, hand gently kneading with hands. The neckline and cuff can be scrubbed with hair brush. After this process, wash it with clean water.

Our EVA woman raincoat can also be washed by washing machine. The EVA woman raincoat should be pulled up on the opposite side, wrapped in large washing nets, selection of the weak speed washing, then blow dry with a natural wind.

It is recommended that before the machine wash, apply a wash solution to the dirty area of the EVA woman raincoat, then put it for a period of time. This will make it easier to clean the dirty areas of the clothes!

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