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Fashion Raincoat Trench Coat

Fashion Raincoat Trench Coat

Manufacturing facility outside|exterior traveling treking Knapsack Raincoat customized top-quality Eva raincoat with hat rope enlarged raincoat.We are fashion raincoat raincoat manufacture from china. We have actually committed ourselves to fashion raincoat raincoat for 12 years, and also our markets are spread out across a lot of Japan and the United Kingdom. We additionally provide Backpack raincoat and also Bike raincoat.

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Basic Info

Brand: LDM

Product name: EVA raincoat

color: size: style: processing and customization:

printing logo: size

color: blue/pink/green/clear/yellow/customM/L/XL/XXLNo pockets, pockets, or backpacks

scope of application:Above 1.5 m can be worn


Our products can maintain you completely dry from go to foot. It had an item of flexible inside that you could draw tighter around the hood. Compared with PVC raincoat, our product is more soft in texture. With it on hand, you can always prepare well for sudden rains. Please refer the dimension detail info|details or contact get in touch with|call straight if any type ofconcern.


1. Complete size trendy fashionable hooded long raincoat with one dimension fit United States S to XL; It huges enough| to use with a knapsack

2. Water resistant environmentally friendly, incredibly water immune, fast drying out, Loosened Sleeve.Light Structure Super Waterproof and also Breathable.Material:100%EVA

3. PORTABLE AND COMPACT: We will certainly provide a shade matched bag for simple storage space and also bring in purse, knapsack or luggage|travel suitcase in situation of unexpected rain.Can be folded up right into a small dimension of 9.8 In x6In

4. 100% Polyester. It is material, not plastic. water resistant environmentally friendly, incredibly water immune, fast drying out, Loosened Sleeve.Light Structure Super Waterproof and also Breathable.

5. Solid |water resistant support withwarm secured joints - polyester fabric is soft to the touch yet entirely water resistant

6. Incredibly water immune, fast drying out, long body item with a huge hooded cap

Mountain climbing raincoats.jpg

Boy raincoat.jpg

Oxford cloth raincoat.jpg

Backpack raincoat.jpg

Fashion long raincoat.jpg

Special raincoat.jpg


FAQ: the standard for sealing the acceptance criteria for raincoats:
1. Do not run away, the deviation of the middle line of the strip does not exceed 3 .
2. Adhesive fastness of rubber strip and raincoat adhesive is greater than 2000 pressure column.
3. Glue head glue tail does not leave residual head.
4. No burn holes, no burn scars.
5. No leakage seal road sections and bubbles(represented by folds on the surface of the fabric).
6. Take Li Zi's suit, the quality inspector must first check the seal and then put on the cloth.

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