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Fluorescent Raincoat Jacket

Fluorescent Raincoat Jacket

Excellent rain-proof efficiency. There are reflective strips prior to and after. When operating in hefty haze and also stormy days, it could be done to advise passing lorries as well as improve job security. Anti-rain apparel making use of double layer.We are fluorescent raincoat jacket manufacture from china. We have actually committed ourselves to Fluorescent Raincoat Jacket for 12 years, as well as our markets are spread out throughout the majority of Europe and also the Americas. We additionally supply style long raincoatand also mixof raincoat.

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PVC water-proof layer for rainfall defense as well as anti-fouling for your requirements and also prep work. Option of Chinese top quality|premium quality| PVC water resistant finish|layer, rainfall defense anti-fouling breathable, ultra-fine fiber, with high water stress firmly woven needle. The water resistant finishing does not fall off quickly.Reliable reduced resistance to the outdoors's poor weather condition. This is why you prefer to make a raincoat.

A huge location of rainfall cover: not obstructing the line of view, a broad field of line of vision. No should fret, the arm of the shoulder is damp, riding easier, not worried of the wind and also rainfall.


More safe

Cold Resistance


Good quality with competitive price

Basic Specification











One of the acceptance criteria for fluorescent raincoat jacket: tailoring criteria
1. Fabrics with poor material, degumming, trachoma, and severe color difference can not be cut. Before cutting, the fabric must be selected by color contrast before it can be cut, pulled and asked to be flattened and pulled neatly.
2. Limit 6 volumes of cloth(100m/volume) per bed, and limit 8 volumes of cloth(100m/volume) below 24 wires to match the color in a timely manner;
3. According to the appearance, no deformation, no deviation, arc to be accurate, the maximum tolerance is only allowed to positive and negative 2mm; 4. Check the order and sample carefully and accurately. Only after correct can the material be cut. The size of the double coat must match inside and outside.

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