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Long Raincoat

Long Raincoat

it’s soft ,comfortable to wear and foldable in small size. Just keep it in your backpack for emergency.We are Long raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to Long raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Student a raincoat and Bike raincoat.

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1 SAFETY|PROTECTION} & ECO-FRIENDLY- Made from 100% EVA, an enviromentally friendly product, rainfall coat is safe, no scent and also harmless|, compared to the PVC one.

2 DURABLE & PROTABLE- Density of 0.15 mm, the raincoat is resilient, tear resistant and also light-weight. At the same time it's soft, comfy to put on and also foldable intiny size. Simply maintain it in your knapsack for emergency situation}.

3 FOR OUTSIDE ES|TASKS- Exceptionally waterproof, long sleeves as well as large drawstring hood layout keep you completely dry in rainfall. Appropriate for amusement park, rainy day, treking and also various other outside tasks.

Elegant securing switch: very easy to use, and also could properly protect against rain right into the neck! Embrace innovative PE products,excellent waterproof, adaptable and also high, not just full fashion feeling and also comfy wear. Beautiful and also cool reducing side, the size of the style prior to and after, fit the characteristics of riding an electrical bike, reliable rainfall avoidance! The clear waterproof cap, not just will not obstruct the line of view, however allow you rain a lot more comfy!

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FAQ: The long raincoats, the sewing work, determine the quality of the product.

The long raincoats, the sewing work, determine the quality of the product.
The long raincoat production process, sewing work is crucial, which directly affects the quality of the entire raincoat product. The entire integrated design requires higher sewing requirements. This is also the key to determining the quality. Ordinary raincoats can use manpower to sew to meet production requirements. The long-type raincoats must be combined with mechanical equipment and manpower sewing to meet market requirements. Then what aspects need to be paid attention to in the sewing process. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone:

First of all, the problem of alignment, the entire integrated design of the long raincoat, requires very accurate sewing alignment control, need to complete the entire sewing work at once, so as to help maintain the integrity of the raincoat, not to adopt regional sewing methods, which will cause uneven alignment. The poor results of the raincoat molding occur, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of the finished product. Although the manufacturer uses mechanical equipment for sewing, the accuracy of the actual equipment needs to be properly adjusted, and the combination of manual sewing will control the minor problems within acceptable limits., To ensure the quality of the product.
Second, repeatedly sewing and making long raincoats in many manufacturers, in order to avoid the problem of long gap, the use of repeated sewing to deal with, so that the effect does not play a substantive role, but easy to exacerbate the chance of excess thread, uneven alignment and other problems. Therefore, it is best to form in the sewing session at once, or to combine manpower to perform the necessary repair work to complete the sewing requirements.


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