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Men's PE Disposable Raincoat

Men's PE Disposable Raincoat

High strength and resistant tearing. Quality PE plastic material is non-toxic, tasteless, fully recyclable and easy on skin, with a 0.025mm thickness. Not stick to you or make you feel hot or sticky.We are Men's PE disposable raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to Men's PE disposable raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Men's PE disposable raincoat and Concert PE disposable raincoat.

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A "Must-Have" travel emergency item, we hate the sudden or freak rainstorm, which can ruin your mood of the day. The disposable rain ponchos are perfect for rain-possible situations where carrying an umbrella would be cumbersome -- Disney, amusement park, camping, hiking, corporate events, live sports, concerts, cycling, outdoor festivals, etc.

Lightweight package will reduce your commute. Folded and Compressed in a small bag that was even smaller than the phone, and we could easily stash it in virtually anywhere, purse, backpack, suitcase, luggage or in your hand bag without adding weight or bulk.

Two features distinguish from traditional poncho. The hood that you can adjust with the drawstring is a nice touch, keeping your hair and face dry. Elastic Sleeve Ends make the wrist gathered and rain water does not get in. Ergonomic design provide more comprehensive waterproof.

Upgraded material: High strength and resistant tearing. Quality PE plastic material is non-toxic, tasteless, fully recyclable and easy on skin, with a 0.025mm thickness. Not stick to you or make you feel hot or sticky.

Budget friendly: It’s more affordable than a tourist attraction or some physical store. It provides an excellent alternative to cost effective weather protective gear, without sacrificing price for quality!Clear plastic raincoat.jpg

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The raincoat factory tells you to use a disposable raincoat.
1, sunburn on the day of death
2, bogey soap washing
3, avoid gasoline wipe
4, avoid contact with oil
5, avoid contact with camphor
6, avoid wearing a disposable raincoat
7, avoid the use of snow days

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