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Nylon Waterproof Raincoat

Nylon Waterproof Raincoat

Factory custom outdoor electric car battery car bicycle raincoat draped wholesale men and women adult polyester cloth poncho.We are nylon waterproof raincoat china supplier. We have been in the nylon waterproof raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Basic Info

Brand: Li Deming

Material: Nylon

Size: 110X high 120 (below the neck)

Weight: 370g / piece

Color: red, blue, customizable

Whether it can be processed and customized: can

Is it possible to print a logo: Yes


As a result of the extensive use of raincoats, a variety of materials of raincoats came into being. One of the nylon materials of disposable raincoats, marked a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry.
The nylon raincoat is light in weight, easy to dye and shape. With excellent fatigue resistance, the components can maintain the original mechanical strength after repeated bending. It also has the characteristic of self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, weather resistant, inert to biological erosion, with good anti-bacterial and anti-mildew ability.

Product features

polyester cloth material

thick men and women riding necessities in rainy days

this section is hot sales, running volume

good quality and cheap


Nowadays, the development of our fabric industry is getting faster and faster. In the process of continuous development, the use of waterproof fabrics is very helpful for everyone's rainproof work. The sanitation raincoats worn by general sanitation workers are also a kind of waterproof fabric. Our life is very widely used, nylon waterproof raincoat is both fashionable and practical, so how should we clean it? Let's take a look.

1. We must pay attention when cleaning the waterproof clothing. It must be cleaned with cotton fabric. This has a certain protective effect on the waterproof clothing, and the water temperature should be controlled at about 40 °C. For some special stains, Use some special cleaning materials, flexible detergent.

2. Soak the stains of cotton windbreaker with cold water, gently wipe with carbon tetrachloride or acetone, then wash with detergent, rinse with warm water.

3. When the cotton windbreaker has deep smudges, it can be wiped with gasoline first, and then brushed with 95% alcohol. If there are still remains, it needs to be cleaned with bleaching powder. Finally, use toothpaste and soap to gently rub, then rinse with water. However, it is strictly forbidden to use boiling water.

4. When cleaning the waterproof clothing, we must wash it, which is very safe for the safety of our waterproof clothing, and it should be gently washed, pay attention to the use of the seesaw, Can not be screwed hard, the windbreaker wrinkles, damage the waterproofness of the windbreaker. After washing, rinse with water twice.

The above is my introduction to the cleaning method of nylon waterproof clothing. The application of waterproof cloth is very wide, whether it is used in life or in industrial production, which is very helpful for our waterproof work.

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