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One-piece Raincoat

One-piece Raincoat

We are one-piece raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to one-piece raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply raincoat covert and concert raincoats. Marterial: 100% waterproof eco-friendly EVA ,Short full size rain coat size information: Waterproof Raincoat:100%

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1、waterproof,solid,durable,reusable.Suitable for spring, summer, autumn, winter rain and snow

Packable Lightweight Rain Poncho:packable rain coats,portable,foldable.Comes with a color matched pouch for easy storage and carrying in handbag, backpack or suitcase

2、Cute Stylish Hooded Raincoat:Design: Fashion style with various colors for choice. Also with hood, zipper, and pocket on side

3、Suitable for adults women,big girls,ladies,teen girls,youth girls,youth womens for travel,outdoor,running,cycling,hiking,camping,backpacking,sport,biking




Love Raincoat story: In the heavy rain, a traffic policeman in a hurry to put on a raincoat, the passing crowd to see after the rain for him to send a raincoat. At that time he was directing traffic, aunt came to him and said: "Children, the rain is too big, the sky is too cold, put on it!" The policeman hurriedly waved his hand, said that he was not cold, please hurry home aunt, at the intersection stood not safe. The world everywhere has the true feelings, the aunt is afraid the traffic police cold, the cold sickness sends the love raincoat. The traffic policeman is afraid aunt is afraid to stand at the junction in the rainy day not safe advised her to hurry back.


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