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Outdoor Children's Raincoats

Outdoor Children's Raincoats

Thicken and strengthen design, can be used repeatedly, non-disposable. Please check the size in Product Description before you placing your order.We are Outdoor children's raincoats china supplier. We have been in the Outdoor children's raincoats 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

Rain gear use: rainproof.

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof coat: routine.

Raincoat fabric:EVA

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.

Thicken and strengthen design, can be used repeatedly, non-disposable. Please check the size in Product Description before you placing your order

Classic polka  design giving you a sort of elegant feeling and adding a moving figure in the rain; no rustling sound like market bags creating a quiet rainy world for you

Long body piece with a big hooded cap keeping you dry from head to foot; the adjustable string in the cap brim making it fit your head more closely; Lengthen the sleeves, avoid hands wet by rain

The coats light weight make it excellent for outdoor use all year round. It's perfect for any form of outdoor activity during the rainy season and water months

A portable matching pouch can help you to store it conveniently when unused.

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Outdoor children's raincoat characteristics

In the present life, with the change of the age, it is necessary to slowly add it. Everyone is very caring for their own children. They are very careful about eating. They will not fall down on rainy days to prepare children's outdoor raincoats or umbrellas for them. Having said that, there must be someone who is very curious. Whoever came up with this raincoat, mentioning this in my cognition, it was discovered after an accidental mistake.

Outdoor children's raincoat latest products, exclusive products, is the only style, super cute children's raincoats are listed, and the unique cartoon pictures, wearing out is definitely a bright spot, mothers are still waiting for it? Environmentally friendly fabrics, sure Different from ordinary plastics, it has the characteristics of soft texture and strong toughness. It is rainproof, windproof and resistant to cold and heat.

Characteristics of children's raincoats:

1. Made of high-grade nylon silk fabric for durability. The fabric is soft and comfortable, does not delaminate, and does not age for a long time;

2, the cap turns with the head, the horizon is wide;

3, computer sealing skills (that is, the anti-leakage treatment at the suture), waterproof;

4, the front opening buckle planning, easy to wear and take off, comfortable to wear;

5, the joint opening and closing rucksack planning, can be flat, can be raised, easy to place school bags, does not affect the length of the raincoat.

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