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PE Disposable Raincoat

PE Disposable Raincoat

When you're outdoors, this hooded disposable poncho can even cover your backpack and keep your backpack from getting wet. Backpackers and hikers don't need to buy an extra backpack rain cover.We are PE disposable raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to PE disposable raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Men's PE disposable raincoat and Concert PE disposable raincoat.

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1, one {DIMENSION fits all-body 90 * 93cm, hat 40 * 30cm, sleeve length 65cm, ideal for adults and teenagers,males and females, women as well as kids. In the exterior knapsack, this disposable coat with a hood could even cover the backpack, staying clear of the |knapsack being moistened. Backpackers and hikers do not should acquire added knapsack rain-proof rooms.

2 、 LIGHTWEIGHT FOR EASY TRANSPORTATION - Females and males non reusable rainfall coat embraces incredibly lightweight PE product weight just 12g, which is really hassle-free for lugging. Simply fold up the rain coat disposable and took into bags while not make use of. Putting on the rainfall coat non reusable with hood will not trigger pain yet shield you from rain when you are outside camping or hiking.

3 、 SUPER WATERPROOF - The mobile emergency rainfall coat with hood for both grown-up and also children makes use of  top excellent quality PE product with density 0.025 mm, which is extremely water resistant. Taking such a rainfall cover in stormy days is a clever selection. Besides, 5 items of coat in one plan, which appropriates for friend or family for exterior tasks.

4 、 SUITABLE FOR MULTI  TASKS - The disposable rain cover with hood is an excellent emergency situation package for numerous exterior tasks such as outdoor camping, treking, backpacking,exterior survival, angling, taking a trip. Taking the disposable coat outdoor could stay clear of splashing in abrupt rains.

Brand: Lideming

Rain gear use: walking poncho.

Is it a one-off: yes.

The raincoat is thick: thin.

Fabric: PE

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable object: adult.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.

Import: yes

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FAQ:Weather condition is one of the most uncertain, when the wind, when it rains, when the climate is unforeseeable, in every day life along with the essential raincoats, there are non reusable ones. Allow's have a look at making use of it.

Intro to Single ones

A disposable raincoat is just a product that could not be made use of many times. One-time product are reasonably slim and also are usually plastic. After usage, there could be scrap and it could not be feasible to use it momentarily time. It could not be compared to common ones in top quality, yet it has particular benefits in various other efficiency features.Single ones are typically commonly made use of in play ground water video games, outdoor courts, mountaineering scenic tours and lots of various other areas.

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