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PE Raincoat Girl

PE raincoat girl We design PE raincoat girl china supplier . We devoted ourselves to PE raincoat girl 12 years, covering most of Europe and the southeast Asia market. We are also supply man PE raincoat. Brand Lideming Usage bicycle poncho. Is it a one-off yes. Raincoat thickness routine Raincoat...

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Brand Lideming

Usage bicycle poncho.

Is it a one-off yes.

Raincoat thickness routine

Raincoat fabric PE

Waterproof adhesive layer no.

Applicable object adult.

Applicable number 1 person.

Packing bagged.

LOGO yes.

Processing customization yes

Origin (domestic)  Guangdong province.

Color green

Size 120  106 cm

Size average size

Packing quantity 500

Origin Shenzhen

Export yes





Fashion cape raincoat is light and portable. The hat rope is designed to prevent rain from entering and give you more protection. Stretch the cuffs to prevent rainwater from invading. Add a hat to protect your head from the rain. PE raincoat is good for rainproof, high strength and tasteless is a disposable raincoat.




1、What are the advantages of PE girl raincoat ?

The PE girl raincoat is a disposable raincoat. PE girl raincoat is divided into two types: HDPE raincoat and LDPE raincoat. LDPE is relatively soft, HDPE is relatively crisp, the two are different in touch feeling. PE girl raincoat can be used in the following situations: commuted using, taken out for emergency use, the emergency use of outgoing play, as a mat for food or beverage , can be used as a dust-proof cloth when traveling, parties and concerts.

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