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PVC Children's Fashion Raincoat

PVC Children's Fashion Raincoat

Factory production fashion candy color children's PVC raincoat Wholesale custom non-disposable environmental protection PVC raincoat.We are PVC children's fashion raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC children's fashion raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Made of high-quality PVC materials, the kind product is non-toxic and pollution-free, suitable for children to go out to travel, water sports, watch outdoor performances, etc. Being portable and handy, thiskind of raincoat adopts the overseas popular design for easy wearing. It is definitely good product from excellent quality and reasonable price.

Product name: PVC Children's Fashion Raincoat


Material quality: PVC
Style: poncho
Size: customizable
Color: yellow
Print logo: yes
Machining and customization: yes

PVC waterproof raincoat.jpgPVC outdoor waterproof raincoat.jpgPvc children's fashion raincoat.jpg


The latest products of PVC children's fashion raincoats, exclusive products, are unique styles, unique and unique cartoon patterns, wearing out is absolutely bright, what are the mothers waiting for? Environmentally friendly fabrics, Absolutely different from ordinary plastics, it has the characteristics of soft texture and strong toughness. It is rainproof, windproof and resistant to cold and heat.

Thoughtful design: bright and eye-catching color, for children who play with water in the rain, but a protective color; baby wears more comfortable and more casual; each one has a cute cartoon pattern, children will love it

Tips: Hand-size size, different methods may have 1~2CM error, which is normal.

s code length: 65cm, width 39cm, sleeve length 46cm. It is recommended that children 3-7 years old wear

L code length: 73cm, width 52cm, sleeve length 53cm. The recommendation is for children over the age of 7 and can be worn by children up to the age of 15.

It is a high-grade jacquard pu fabric with polyester taffeta, and a 2.4-meter reflective strip, and then the fibers of the clothes are mixed into a mixed textile with a certain amount of metal fibers. Don't underestimate it. In this fabric, it is very resistant to washing and its stability is very good. In an anti-static,it uses the electrical conductivity of the fiber. Then, in the fiber material on the clothes, the carbon black particles and the antistatic agent can become conductive fibers, and the method of interlacing and interlacing and blending and interlacing and weaving can improve the electrical conductivity of the fabric or the fiber to form. Anti-static fabric, so it can achieve the effect of anti-static accumulation and charge dissipation.

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