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PVC Children's Reflective Raincoat

PVC Children's Reflective Raincoat

We are PVC children's reflective raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC children's reflective raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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This is a high-quality product made by PVC material, has the advantages of fine workmanship, soft, breathable and durable. In fashionable style, it only can be used in rainy days, but also at ordinary times; Different from the common plastic raincoats, it not only has a rainproof function, but also has a good windproof effect, which is very suitable for the rainy days in autumn and winter.


With cute cartoon pattern, draw kid's attention

Completely prevent the rain leakage into the pocket

Rainproof, water-proof and wind-proof

SAuper air permeability

Basic Specification

Item No.: ldm031

Brand: Li Deming

Rain gear use: hiking raincoat

Fabric: PVC

Whether to export: something

Whether it is one time: No

Thickness: regular

Waterproof glue layer: PVC glue

Applicable object: children

Printed LOGO: Yes

Custom processing: Yes

Pvc children's reflective raincoat.jpgPvc children's reflective raincoat .jpgPvc children's fashion raincoat.jpg

Reflective principle: PVC children's reflective raincoat material uses the reflection principle of glass beads. Everyone knows that the reflection of light has diffuse reflection and specular reflection. Why does the returning PVC children's reflective raincoat material return the light according to the original way? In fact, this is mainly due to the high refractive index glass beads contained in it. When a beam of light is in a certain When the anterior surface of the microbead is irradiated at any angle within the range, it is concentrated on the surface reflective layer of the microbead due to the high refraction of the microbead, and the reflective layer reflects the light in parallel along the direction of the incident ray to form a retroreflection. When many glass beads are reflected at the same time, the front bright scene will appear.

How is such a magical glass bead produced? The production process is such that the raw material is first melted into a molten glass at a very high temperature, and the molten glass passes through a special nozzle to form a plurality of misty droplets on the surface. Under the action of tension, a regular spherical shape is automatically formed, and after cooling, a certain treatment is performed to obtain a very useful glass microbead.

Glass beads can be used to make many returning PVC children's reflective raincoat materials. These materials are used in public security, transportation, fire, railway, Coal mines and other departments can see them in labor insurance products and civilian protective products.

Rainy days are generally not suitable for walking dogs. If you have the conditions, go to the underground parking lot to walk the dog (go to the parking lot to remember the dog). Why do you have to be qualified to go to the underground parking lot? There is no underground parking lot in the old community! ! !

On a rainy day, there is also a dog that makes the owner's heart most: the dog who never goes to the toilet at home! Is there such a clean dog owner and dog? Anyway, I have seen a few. The friend raised a Labrador and never went to the toilet at home. On rainy days, the owner only managed to reduce the burden on the dog by controlling the dog's diet. It’s also uncomfortable to think about it.

But now, the discerning merchants have seized this opportunity to tailor the dog raincoat for the dog, so that the dog can go freely in the rain!

Netizens can't wait to buy one for their own dogs, and quickly put them out on rainy days. Holding an umbrella, holding a dog, walking in the rain, very warm and romantic feeling.

However, there is a problem. The dog's tail is unobstructed and completely exposed to the rain. After the dog has returned home, the tail must be blown dry~

This adds to the workload of the shovel's invisible, so some shovel officers put a plastic bag directly on the dog's tail~Can be very good to avoid the dog's tail is wet, but also to avoid the trouble of going home to dry.

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