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Pvc Outdoor Children's Raincoat

Pvc Outdoor Children's Raincoat

Waterproof effect can be compared with the umbrella. Every baby who wears our raincoat is an angel with its beautiful appearance.We are PVC Outdoor children's raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC Outdoor children's raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Our products do not drop color, can effectively prevent rain firm and durable. It has good rainproof performance, a variety of colors, non-toxic, tasteless, is a portable disposable raincoat. Choose high quality PVC materials, which is really good for environmental protection. Light weight and easy to carry, it is a good partner for outdoor and travel travel, is also a necessary solid articles for every family.

Basic Info

Brand: LDM
Product name: PVC raincoat
Color: blue/pink/green/clear/yellow/custom
Style: no pocket, with pocket
Machining and customization: yes
Print logo: yes
Scope of application: over 1.5m can be worn


Environmentally-friendly PVC material, safe and non-toxic. Also with natural pollution resistance.

Exquisite workmanship design makes it thicker than ordinary materials and retained a good toughness, relatively strong, not easy to be damaged.

Waterproof effect can be compared with the umbrella. Every baby who wears our raincoat is an angel with its beautiful appearance.

Seamless splicing technology provides strong rainproof performance. Will protect baby's health better.

The hat is equipped with rope to prevent rainwater from backing up to the inside. Our product is your best choice in outdoor sports, camping and on the way to school. We dedicate our best products to your children.


During the 2018 China International Children's Fashion Week, the “Urban Travel” series shows children's inner sense of freedom and freedom, even in the city. “Why can't the bad weather that rains and snows go out?” “Taking the most innocent question from the children's minds, exploring the happy way of traveling in the rain, not letting the rain and snow weather become a source of bad mood. Designers extract the most enjoyable colors, plus the children's favorite cartoon print details, to create a light and stylish color rain boots for children, as well as a light and breathable raincoat.

The series of close to nature reproduces the unparalleled poetic sense of nature. The blossoming white clouds represent the summer dreams. What you see and hear in the outdoors is an important way to experience the world in your childhood. It shows the different shapes of children outdoors. Wearing colorful and comfortable PVC raincoats and rubber rain boots not only prevents mosquitoes and mud on the road, but also fully protects the feet of children.

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