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PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat

PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat

Waterpoof and environmental,recyclable use for a long time Petite size,Lightweight and Portable.We are PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Are you still carrying the old fashion and heavy rain tool for your daily life? Why not try our PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat to gain much convenience. It is not only charming in appearance, bot also is light weight and takes little space.

Product information

Product name: PVC Outdoor Fashion Raincoat

Material: PVC

Product size: uniform size

Product color: yellow/blue/purple/pink

Features: non-disposable, reusable, cost-effective, unisex


High level of transparent EVA and hot-pressed surface are better for scratch resistance and folding endurance

Waterpoof and environmental,recyclable use for a long time

Petite size,Lightweight and Portable

One Size ,Two style:below knee,above knee

Zicac transparent hooded, featuring cute ,clear and simple design

No matter for travel or general use, it's a good protector. Also a basic to match for different dressing style

PVC adult raincoat.jpg

PVC  touring raincoat.jpg

outdoor transparent fashion raincoat.jpgPvc transparent lady raincoat.jpgPvc transparent adult raincoat.jpg

FAQ: Application

1、The market demand for PVC outdoor rainwear in China has increased with the improvement of people's living standards. The improvement of the economic level and the improvement of science and technology have promoted the development of all walks of life in China. The emergence of our products provides a sheltering condition for those traveling.

2、Men calmly wash the car during heavy rain. Netizens suggest not to wear a raincoat and take a shower.

Thunderstorm yellow warning, in such a bad weather, there is a car owner wearing a red poncho, climbed into the car body to calm the car wash. Netizens have commented: "At first glance, it is a good man who will live." "Don't wear a poncho and wash your bath." However, experts caution that the rain often contains impurities and acidic substances, which will eclipse the paint surface.

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