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PVC Outdoor Waterproof Raincoat

PVC Outdoor Waterproof Raincoat

Transparent rainwear allows you being fashion and showing off your clothes in a rainy day. This light rain coat is also great for festivals.We are PVC outdoor waterproof raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC outdoor waterproof raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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This is a high-quality PVC Outdoor Waterproof Raincoat, which is soft, breathable and durable. This fashionable style rainsuit can not only used in rainy days, but also at ordinary times; Different from the common plastic raincoats, our product can used in the cold weather to prevent the possibility of hardening, cracking! It not only has a rainproof function, but also has a good windproof effect, which is very suitable for the rainy days in autumn and winter.


1、PVC material

2、Waterpoof and environmental, recyclable use for a long time.

3、High level of transparent EVA and hot-pressed surface are better for scratch resistance and folding endurance. Monitor the ablity of lutos leaves to make sure waterproof.

4、Transparent rainwear allows you being fashion and showing off your clothes in a rainy day. This light rain coat is also great for festivals.

5、 Perfect for cycling, fishing, climbing, camping or any form of outdoor exercises during the rain season. Keep your clothes away from rain and water.

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If you are planning on long-term outdoor climbing activities or the pursuit of comfortable and comfortable budget, buying a waterproof breathable jacket is a reasonable and worthwhile investment. There are many types of raincoats for different seasons and environments. It is best for buyers to measure the types they often engage in before deciding what kind of raincoats to use. In general, the higher the level, the heavier the structure , and the more expensive they are. High, more suitable for ice and snow, the basic type structure is simple, lightweight, and the price is more positive. Regardless of the type, it is necessary to inspect whether there is glue at the sutures of the cloth to make the waterproof treatment. Only in this way can the waterproof clothing be completely waterproof.

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