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PVC Adult Raincoat

PVC adult raincoat We support PVC adult raincoat china Production, research and development, design and other services. We have been in the PVC adult raincoat years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply PVC lady raincoat. Brand: Lideming Export: yes Whether or not: no....

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Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof adhesive layer: PVC adhesive.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Material quality: PVC

Package: OPP bag

Unit of measurement: piece

Colour: pink/yellow/blue/white.

Use way: outdoor travel necessary, rainy can be repeated many times, not easy to break.

Special point: small and easy to carry, it is the summer and rainy weather out of the necessary supplies.


PVC material can be recycled repeatedly, green environmental protection, stable performance. It is elastic with rubber, very soft and has strong toughness, and it has good flexibility at low temperature. Good transparency and good gloss, good anti-aging and ozone resistance, no toxicity, is a reliable material for raincoats.






How to increase the adhesive fastness of PVC adult raincoat cloth?
PVC adult raincoat is to paste PVC with polyester, nylon, Oxford, etc. The first is put the cloth on a layer of paste (called the framed),it is mounted on the pasting machine (coating) , and then pasted on the calender or laminating machine. The paste used is different from each company.

PVC adult raincoat  adhesive has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion aging and good mechanical properties, convenient and safe construction, non-toxic and tasteless, with a certain degree of flame retardant.

The adhesive strength of PVC adult raincoat adhesive is high, and the destruction test can achieve the effect of plastic body cracking.

Flexible formula, no internal stress cracking after curing, excellent resistance to low temperature, high temperature and high humidity.

Fast curing speed, a few seconds to locate, one minute to reach the maximum strength, greatly improved working efficiency

After curing, it is completely transparent. The product will not yellow for a long time and will not be whitened.

Compared with the traditional instant glue adhesive, it has the advantages of resistance to ring testing, non-whitening, and good flexibility.

It can be easily operated by automatic machine dispensing or screen printing.

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