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PVC Women Raincoat

PVC women raincoat We support PVC women raincoat china custom and OEM. We devoted ourselves to PVC women raincoat 12 years ,covering most of North America and the southeast Asia market. We are also supply concert PE raincoat. Brand: Lideming Export: yes Whether or not: no. Waterproof adhesive...

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Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof adhesive layer: PVC adhesive.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Material quality: PVC

Package: OPP bag

Unit of measurement: piece

color: pink/yellow/blue/white.

Use way: outdoor travel necessary, rainy can be repeated many times, not easy to break.

Special point: small and easy to carry, it is the summer and rainy weather out of the necessary supplies.






PVC coating, good waterproof, high flexibility, comfortable and durable. Exquisite lock, easy to wear, and can effectively prevent the rain from entering the neck. The delicate and neat cutting edge, the short design of the front and rear, fitted the tram. Bicycle characteristics, more effective rainproof. All the seams of the whole garment are made of adhesive tape heat sealing process to improve the possibility of water seepage.



1、The importance of environmentally friendly production of PVC women raincoat for manufacturers.

Because  the production process involves a lot of chemical processes, the PVC women raincoat is faced with the problem of environmental production in the process of production.

Some PVC women raincoat manufacturers are not very understanding of environmental protection production, do not pay attention to environmental protection issues in the production process, think that environmental protection does not make much sense for raincoat production, instead it increases the production cost of raincoats. But is this really in the actual situation? After the development of the economy, China has paid more and more attention to environmental protection, and issued a series of major policy measures to increase environmental protection. Environmental production has become the trend of industrial production. Meanwhile, PVC women raincoat manufacturers have also become the focus of the environmental protection production targets. Under this background, PVC women raincoat manufacturers become attach importance to environmental production will be the most rational choice. In addition, paying attention to environmental protection production has a positive effect on the enterprise image building and brand building of PVC women raincoat manufacturer. By attaching importance to environmental protection production, we can establish a responsible corporate image in society. This is very beneficial to the sustainable development of enterprises and brand building.

In conclusion, with the environmental protection has become the current social hot spot and social development trend, PVC women raincoat manufacturers must pay attention to environmental protection, enhance the environmental production capacity of enterprises, then to ensure the sustainable development of enterprises.

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