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PVC Single Bike Raincoat

PVC Single Bike Raincoat

360 DEGREE PROTECTION. Elastic thumb loops help to keep the poncho in place when riding.We are PVC Single bike raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC Single bike raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Product Description

Product Name: Electric motorcycle waterproof raincoat

Brand: Li Deming

Material: PVC

Style: electric car poncho

Color: pink dots, can be customized

PORTABLE CYCLING RAIN PONCHO help you to go out on any possible rainy day without worry! It can be easy stored in your backpack with the zippered pocket. The large size of the rain poncho allow it cover your big backpack; it can also be fully extended on the ground to become a mat so that you can sit and have a rest on. Can be used in outdoor activities such as cycling, riding, camping, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, picnic and so on. You deserves a Multifunctional Cycling Rain Poncho!

Ca. 250g/325g ULTRALIGHT & SOFT & DURABLE & QUICK-DRY Fabric- Made of 80GSM Polyester weaved PU, the rain poncho is LIGHTWEIGHT to be carried. The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear rather than some plastic ones. It bears 8000+ water pressure and with WP4 waterproof rate. It also features QUICK-DRY to make it easy to store up after using

360 DEGREE PROTECTION. Elastic thumb loops help to keep the poncho in place when riding. Cap upfront the forehead + 3 adjustable neckline buttons + quick-dry rope in the brim with buckle + 2 Sihetun deduction to each side to fix the front and back, all these small details assure you a relatively comfortable state in rain.

- ADDED SAFETY - two reflective film to the front + 8cm brand reflective logo to the back can reflect the light at night. Ensures a safety move at rainy nights!

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New function competition

The times are changing, all of them are changing together, and the raincoat, which is easily overlooked, has undergone its own changes. Both in terms of function and design, great changes have taken place.  The use of the function is also more attention to the convenience, safety and fashion, especially in the rise of electric vehicles, so that our demand for it is even greater, then let's take a look at PVC singles. 

In this field, there are mainly three kinds of electric vehicle ponchos, one is a long transparent hat, a PVC single-person bicycle raincoat, and the long hat has a protective effect on the face and eyes, and does not block the line of sight. It is very convenient for the rider. The advantage is that it is safe to use, does not block the line of sight.

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