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PVC Transparent Children's Raincoat

PVC Transparent Children's Raincoat

Drifting raincoat PE environmental protection student special factory direct supply children portable children disposable raincoat.We are PVC transparent children's raincoat manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to PVC transparent children's raincoat for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Small raincoat and Transparent raincoat for children.

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Our product has the advantages of good rainproof performance, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, no cap rope, can be made into degradable materials, conducive to environmental protection. The light weight is easy to carry, which is the outdoor and the travel essential goods and also is each household essential solid goods.

You can choose from many colors and styles. We accept the order of the customer's sample, which can be specific to the pattern of the product, the thickness of the fabric, the specification and the packaging requirements.

Cargo number: ldm-2434
Exportation: Yes
Brand Li Deming
Use of rain gear: hiking raincoats
One-time: No
Thick: Routine
Fabric: PVC
Waterproof adhesive layer: None
Applicable to: Children
Number of persons applicable: 1
Packing Method: Bagged
Press LOGO: Yes
Custom Processing: Yes
Gross weight: approximately 100g
Origin(domestic): Guangdong Province
Color: White, pink, yellow, blue

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PVC transparent children's raincoat weight

The weight of our product is also important for children. We put aside the uncomfortable factors caused by the cutting, the greater the weight of the clothing material, the stronger the pressure on the human body, the more uncomfortable the human body feels. In recent years, new materials have appeared continuously. New fabrics and thermal materials have improved warmth, and the weight of materials has also been greatly reduced, making the human body more light and comfortable. People are more convenient and flexible when engaged in various production and life. And freedom. The trend of modern clothing development is light, thin, soft, and quite, and it is very important to see light. Garment materials should be kept light, but also to ensure the stability of other properties, such as moisture absorption, warmth, breathable and so on. Of course, the material too light may make the fabric drape feel down, the sense of stiffness is reduced, which we should pay attention to when choosing clothing materials.

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