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PVC Transparent Lady Raincoat

PVC Transparent Lady Raincoat

COMPACT - Lightweight ponchos, and compact for easy storage, will fit in your pocket or even in your wallet.We output PVC transparent lady raincoat china supplier. We have been in the PVC transparent lady raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Our products do not drop color, can effectively prevent rain firm and durable. It has good rainproof performance, a variety of colors, non-toxic, tasteless, is a portable raincoat. Choose high quality PVC materials, which is really good for environmental protection. Light weight and easy to carry, it is a good partner for outdoor and travel travel, is also a necessary solid articles for every family.

Basic Info

Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

Rain gear use: rainproof.

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof coat: routine.

Fabric: PVC

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged/box.

A "Must-Have" travel emergency item - Disney, camping, hiking, corporate events, etc.

Lightweight package reduce your commute. Folded and Compressed in a small bag.

Two features distinguish from traditional poncho.

Upgraded material: High strength and resistant tearing.


1、QUALITY PONCHOS - 60good quality ponchos packed together in one box, great for use near your home, near your office or when camping outdoors and for any other event where rain showers are predicted.

2、COLOR VARIETY – comes in 4 Different attractive colors, Red,  Blue, White, Yellow, and , all packed in individual poly bags.

3、GREAT SIZING - One size fit all, comes with attached hood, Perfect for your emergency kit, camping, or any outdoor outing with family and friends, just keep the Poncho bag in your pocket backpack, car, or office in case of a rainy day.

4、COMPACT - Lightweight ponchos, and compact for easy storage, will fit in your pocket or even in your wallet.

5、WATERPROOF - 100 percent Water Proof Material: PE, Size: 50" 80" inch, Poncho Thickness is: 0.025 mm, weight: 40g, one size fits all. Comes with attached hood.

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1、What are the characteristics of your product?
It is characterized by a sandwich on the outer layer of the PVC transparent adult raincoat and a pleats on the sandwich.
Its beneficial effect is that ordinary raincoats, when the rain is relatively large, the rain often flows into the it, and a hundred pleats are set on the surface of the ordinary one. When it rains, it is more effective to channel rainwater to the ground. Effective prevention of rain down the raincoat into the interior area, convenient and practical.
There are many small mildew points in your product, how to remove it?
(1) After it is soaked overnight in washed rice water, the mildew spot can be removed by regular rubbing.
(2) Use a soft brush first, and then use alcohol to wipe, mildew spots can be removed.
(3) Brush repeatedly with hot and soapy water, and mildew spots can go.
(4) Rub with mung bean sprouts and then rinse with water to remove mildew spots.

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