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Boy Raincoat Suit

boy raincoat suit We provide boy raincoat suit china Production, research and development, design and other services. We have been in the boy raincoat suit 12years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply, other raincoat suits. Product name: boy raincoat sui Brand:...

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 Product name: boy raincoat sui

Brand: Lideming

Material quality: PE

Style: poncho

Size: customizable

Color: yellow

Logo: yes.

Process customization: yes.

The purchase of the raincoat should be the first to distinguish the size, the adults buy a large size raincoat, the children will have the special children's raincoat, can not buy randomly; Second, is about the use function of raincoat, motorcycle use raincoat or bicycle use raincoat, to distinguish, because generally used motorcycle raincoat design will be more bigger. We'd better try it on ourselves when buying a raincoat, because different brands of raincoats will have a certain size error.






FAQ:Chengdu rain water continues to sell umbrellas

On July 10th, in the light rain of the patter, the busy and busy lotus pond wholesale market on weekdays seemed a bit deserted, and there were not many customers. Some shopkeepers were sitting in the store chatting or playing mobile phones.

The heavy rain of the day has ruined many people's "cool business", but the merchants selling rain gear ushered in a sales peak. Guo Yong, a merchant selling rain gear in the wholesale market of lotus ponds, said that there have been a lot more guests who recently came to buy umbrella raincoats. The sales of umbrellas have increased by at least 20%, among which the cheap transparent plastic umbrellas sell best.

The reporter noted that there are more and more consumers who choose to buy rain gear online. Online stores not only have regular styles, but also some creative raincoats that are quite eye-catching. Recently, a child called “Rainbow Raincoat” has captured the network platform such as Weibo and has become a new network. Unlike ordinary raincoats, the "UFO raincoat" hat uses a round steel ring to support the transparent umbrella cloth, just like wearing an umbrella to prevent the body from getting wet by the rain.

The reporter searched on an e-commerce platform and found that there were more than dozens of stores selling "flying saucer raincoats". One of the online stores sold at a minimum price of 19.9 yuan per piece, and the monthly sales of "flying saucer raincoats" exceeded 80,000. "Very cute, catching up with the rain, the children are very happy." A netizen commented.

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