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Motorcycle Raincoat Suit

Motorcycle raincoat suit We are provide motorcycle raincoat suit china supplier. We devoted ourselves to motorcycle raincoat suit 12years,covering most of china and the foreign market. We are also supply, Reflective raincoat. Brand: Lideming Item no. : RC-YD-DS-02 Export: yes Usage:...

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Brand: Lideming

Item no. : RC-YD-DS-02

Export: yes

Usage: motorcycle/electric truck poncho.

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof coat: routine.

Fabric thickness: 0.05 (mm)

Raincoat fabric: PVC

Waterproof adhesive layer: PVC adhesive.

Applicable object: adult.

Applicable number: 1 person.




All body size fits. It's really material. It's seamless and hot.





1、What is the transparent plastic used for the headlights of the Motorcycle raincoat suit?

The transparent plastic used for the headlights of the Motorcycle raincoat suit

 is usually made of polycarbonate plastic (PC).

Polycarbonate plastic (PC), polycarbonate (PC) is a molecular chain contains carbonate base polymer, according to the structure of the ester base can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic, aromatic, and other types. Among them, due to the lower mechanical properties of aliphatic and aliphatic-aromatic polycarbonates, their use in engineering plastics is limited. Currently, only aromatic polycarbonate has been industrialized. Due to the particularity of polycarbonate structure, it has become the fastest growing general engineering plastics in the five engineering plastics.

Polycarbonate plastics are one of the most transparent materials and are often used for protective structures and locations where transparency is required.

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