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Transparent Raincoat Suit

transparent raincoat suit We provide transparent raincoat suit china custom and OEM. We devoted ourselves to transparent raincoat suit 12 years, covering most of Europe and the Americas market. We are also supply, boy raincoat suit. Material quality: PE Package: OPP bag Thickness :(2 wire...

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Material quality: PE

Package: OPP bag

Thickness :(2 wire thickness: 0.02 mm 100 silk =1 mm)

Unit of measurement: piece

Color: yellow (pink and yellow cap are randomly sent)

Use way: outdoor travel necessary, rainy can be repeated many times, not easy to break.

Special point: small and easy to carry, it is the summer and rainy weather out of the necessary supplies.




The weather is unpredictable, it's sunny, and it's likely to be a storm. On rainy days, it is not convenient for people to cause a lot of inconvenience, and the umbrella may not completely protect the rain from the invasion. Spare us the raincoat! For the protection of the whole body 360 degrees, travel no longer worry about being wet by rain, light and practical, do not occupy the place, travel necessary good products.




1、If the transparent raincoat suit cracks, how can I stick?

Step 1,turn the transparent raincoat suit to the opposite side and align the cellophane in the damaged area. The size of the cellophane should be larger than the break.

Step 2, use the heated iron to lightly iron the glass paper, and the poncho is mended.

Step 3, turn over the transparent raincoat suit, basically can not see is to make up. Cellophane is easy to find, cigarettes, biscuits, socks and other goods are wrapped in a layer of cellophane. Another is the key: to master the iron's temperature, too low viscosity is not high, the glass paper will be hot deformation or hot melt, it is best to touch the iron feel a little hot.

2、Why do people wear transparent raincoat suit, the temperature inside the raincoat will increase? What is the role of life?

Because people themselves will emit heat,  combined wear transparent raincoat suit, heat can not be sent out quickly, so keep in a small space, after many a little makes a  mickle ,  the temperature will increase.

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