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Women Suit Raincoat

women suit raincoat We are provide women suit raincoat china Wholesalers. We devoted ourselves to women suit raincoat 12 many years, covering most of Asia and the Americas market. We are also supply, Boy raincoat suit. Product name: cycling raincoat suit. Cargo number: yy-tz-31 Product color:...

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Our product has the advantages of good rainproof performance, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, no cap rope, can be made into degradable materials, conducive to environmental protection. The light weight is easy to carry, which is the outdoor and the travel essential goods and also is each household essential solid goods.

You can choose from many colors and styles. We accept the order of the customer's sample, which can be specific to the pattern of the product, the thickness of the fabric, the specification and the packaging requirements.

Product name: cycling raincoat suit.

Cargo number: yy-tz-31

Product color: purple, customizable.

Product material: PVC

Suitable for: outdoor camping trips during the rainy season.







2018 is a crucial year for the rapid development of our company. During this year, our R&D department actively cooperated with various departments and strengthened the research and development of new raincoat products, updated old products and introduced new equipment. Ensure that the company adapts to the company's rapid and steady development.

First, new product development

A total of 52 new products were completed (and the new product price list and new product manual PPT were reported)

Among them, suits: 45; ponchos: 7

Second, the old product update

1, the United States series integrated style: 12 models

Suits: 5 models; ponchos: 7 models

2, Aijielong series integrated style: 4 models

Suits: 3 models; ponchos: 1

3, Li Deming poncho series upgrade version integrated style: 14 models

Third, graphic design and product photography

1. Complete all the printing layouts of the Li Deming/Maimei series and make the process documents.

2, the company's new and old products photo tracking, improve the company's website construction materials

Fourth, the introduction of new equipment, easy to play and typesetting, saving time and effort for the company.

1. The fastest typographical offer for new products (such as poncho) is about 2 hours.

2, the new set of the fastest typography code (4 yards or more) offer 4-5 hours or so.

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