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Reflective Outdoor Ladies Raincoats

Reflective Outdoor Ladies Raincoats

polyester cloth raincoat, thick men and women riding raincoats large amount of logistics, this section is hot sales, running volume, good quality and cheap, welcome to consult.We are Reflective outdoor ladies raincoat china supplier. We have been in the Reflective outdoor ladies raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Brand: Li Deming

Material: Nylon

Size: 110X high 120 (below the neck)

Weight: 370g / piece

Color: red, blue, customizable

Whether it can be processed and customized: can

Is it possible to print a logo:

Product features: polyester cloth raincoat, thick men and women riding raincoats large amount of logistics, this section is hot sales, running volume, good quality and cheap, welcome to consult.


1、Raincoat manufacturers have a friendly reminder that raincoats are safe to travel.

After a car accident at the intersection of Hanzhongmen Street and Beijiao Road, a sanitation worker working nearby rescued people and stood in the middle of the road, using his sanitation raincoat to cover the sun for the wounded, and waited for the police and 120 first aid. . The injured person was not injured and could not say a word, so until the injured person was sent away by the 120 ambulance, he did not know that the person he saved was called anonymity. Master Wang’s kind and helpful quality is closely related to his optimistic and open-minded outlook on life.

Master Wang was enthusiastic about saving people on the streets, but he did not report to the supervisors of his superiors. Yesterday was the inspection of the civilized city of Nanjing. The leaders of the sanitation department were supervised and inspected on the streets. After the reporter and the relevant leaders of the sanitation department reported the matter, the leaders attached great importance to it and said that they should verify the matter as soon as possible. If the matter is true, the master will be given a certain amount. Commendation.

2、Today's fashion has evolved into something you don't know. Just like the recent popular raincoat material, you should add a little transparency whether it rains or not. Don't think that transparency means spring and summer. This strong momentum has been from last autumn and winter. It starts to spread, and you want to walk in the forefront of fashion. At least one transparent raincoat can be worn first!

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As early as in the previous show, it was found that there are many brands of materials, such as Valentino, Balmain and Chanel. Their common feature is transparency. In fact, many stars have begun to follow suit, want to wear personality and fashion, then quickly start for yourself!

Five seconds

There is also a fabric that looks opaque, but it can be reflective, a bit like patent leather, but it is waterproof, so it is also called raincoat material. Is there a modern sense of technology? Compared with the above, it is very futuristic. Raincoat material, this opaque raincoat material should be better controlled~

Five seconds

This sparkling light blue, reflecting the starlight is like the taste of the ocean, is there a feeling of "sea breeze"? There are indications that the raincoat material is really fashionable on the body. thing.

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The girls want to wear the cool and individual personality, the clothes of the raincoat material are of course the ones you can't miss! The friends who like them quickly start for yourself. There are many women's styles in five seconds. Welcome to visit!

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