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Rubber Raincoats

Rubber Raincoats

Extremely water resistant,quick drying,long body piece with a big hooded cap keep you dry from head to feet.Also you can pull tighter around the hood.We are Rubber raincoats manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to Rubber raincoats for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Small rain coat raincoat and Transparent raincoat for children.

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1、[SIZE INFORMATION]-Full length stylish hooded long raincoat with multi sizes fits men & women from size M to XXXL;Special adjustable design allows you to take a backpack while wearing this raincoat without worring about getting the backpack wet.

2、[SECURITY & ECO-FRIENDLY]-Made of 100% EVA enviromentally friendly material,waterproof rain poncho is non-toxic,no chemical / plastic smell and also harmless,compared to the PVC one.

3、[UNIQUE DESIGN & MULTI-FUNCTION]-Hat brim widened design strengthens the water resistance performance.The overall size of the raincoat and the elasticity of the sleeve opening can be adjusted by buttons.We will present a pouch for easy storage,it is the best for cycling.

4、[FULL PROTECTION]-Extremely water resistant,quick drying,long body piece with a big hooded cap keep you dry from head to feet.Also you can pull tighter around the hood.

5、[ENJOY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES]-Extremely waterproof,suitable for Disney,Theme parks,Cycling,Rainy days,Water rides,Camping,Hiking etc.

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Many people wear rubber raincoats and always like to wear their rubber out. In fact, rubber raincoats are not properly worn in the opposite direction. The rubber raincoat touches sharp things in the opposite direction and it is very easy to damage the plastic surface. It is sunny, rubber is exposed to the sun, and it is easy to age, affecting the life of the raincoat. Therefore, such raincoats should not be worn back. In addition, after running out of raincoats, the water should be wiped dry or dry in the shade, remember not to exposure in the sun, so as not to aging deterioration. The stains on the raincoat can be washed clean with clean water and cannot be scrubbed with gasoline to prevent the rubber from falling off. Used raincoats should be wiped off and piled up in water. Long-term unused plastic raincoats can be sprayed with talcum powder in a cool, ventilated place.

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