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Tents Raincoats

Tents Raincoats

SECURITY & ECO-FRIENDLY- Made of 100% EVA, an enviromentally friendly material, rain poncho is non-toxic, no smell and harmless, compared to the PVC one.We are Tents raincoats manufacture from china. We have devoted ourselves to Tents raincoats for 12 years, and our markets are spread across most of Europe and the Americas. We also supply Backpack raincoat and Bike raincoat.

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Three major design advantages:

The neck is three-way rainproof: the neck of the neck is secured, and also the rain is not leaking; Pulling rope, lining triplerain prevention to improve the rainfall avoidance effect.

High clear cap: all-natural form, wind as well as rain,removable style, convenient to put on helmet safety , no haze exclusive clear material, high exposure does not affect the line ofview; Mint type water immune EVA fabric, wind and also rainfall, long not open glue; Wind and also rainfall, companion for you.

Innovative rear-view lens sleeve: innovative style|layout, twin use rearview mirror, denial blur, and also your clear vision. When you can't see the rearview mirror plainly, you could open up the rear-view mirror sleeve as well as leakage out the rear-view mirror; Colleagues will certainly not affect the rear of the light bar to guarantee your driving safety and security.


Frequently Asked Question:

The tents raincoats brings youan additional item of security

The summer season rainfall is truly coming, and also it is frequently warm|bright at the start, and unexpectedly the climate is bleak, and also the storm cloud is immediately on top of our heads. When we frequently run outside, it is particularly essential to bring a raincoat with us. Whether it's occupying area|roomor otherwise, you could avoid splashing when you require it.

Camping tent raincoats are rainproof garments made from water resistant cloth. Outdoor tents raincoats appropriate for water-proof fabrics such as tape, oil fabric|towel and plastic movie. Modern outdoor tents raincoats are water-proof textiles that take notice of air leaks in the structure, and also are generally made use of such as unique nylon and also Gore-Tex. The breathable camping  raincoat allows individuals to get away from the raincoat with warm and also moist water when putting on rainproof, increasing convenience.

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