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Transparent Plastic Raincoat

Transparent Plastic Raincoat

A raincoat has the advantage of lighter weight, offers protection over a backpack,and frees your hands.We are Transparent plastic raincoat china supplier. We have been in the Transparent plastic raincoat 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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Basic Info

Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

Rain gear use: rainproof.

Whether or not: no.

Waterproof coat: routine.

Raincoat fabric: PVC

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.


MATERIAL:PVC, it is waterproof, lightweight and quick dry, comfortable to wear

DESIGN FEATURES: Full length rain poncho with hoodies; Classic Clear color design; unconventional style makes you fashionable even in the heavy raindays.

YOUR BETTER CHOICE: A raincaot has the advantage of lighter weight, offers protection over a backpack,and frees your hands

USAGE SUGGESTIONS: The new poncho may have a little bit of smell, and you just need lay it in the ventilated place for a while,the smell will went away.

NOTE: Please check the size chart in the picture or the size information in the desciption before you buy the item.


ransparent plastic raincoat selection should be referenced in many aspects

The rainy season has arrived. Nowadays, there are many kinds of transparent plastic raincoats and rain gears on the market. It is not a random choice. How to choose? Raincoat manufacturers remind everyone to choose raincoats:

Color is very important. Many people choose raincoats to choose the color they like. As everyone knows, color is very important. When it rains, the line of sight is easily blurred, and the visibility is affected. If you choose a light-colored raincoat, it is not easy to be found by vehicles or pedestrians on rainy days, especially rainy nights, which will bring security risks. Therefore, the color of the raincoat should be bright and bright, such as red, bright yellow, blue, and so on. Raincoats are mostly plastic products. When choosing rain gear, you should choose a soft, lined raincoat that is not easy to be broken and will not scratch your face, especially for delicate skin.

When choosing a transparent plastic raincoat, be sure to first open it and smell it, if there is an unpleasant smell. Some raincoat coatings contain paint components. The smell of harmful gases such as formaldehyde is excessive. Pay attention to avoid choosing such transparent plastic raincoats to prevent harm to the body. According to the vehicle used, choose a transparent plastic raincoat. It should not be too big, too big to be pressed, and there is a hidden danger to its own safety.

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