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Children's Reflective Raincoats

Children's Reflective Raincoats

Outside vibrant colours match with gorgeous bright little flower detail, and inside lining is a great contrast with more flowers.We are Outdoor children's raincoats china supplier. We have been in the Children's reflective raincoats 12 years old, obtained a number of technology patents. We are also supply concert PE raincoat.

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WATERPROOF PLUS WARMTH - The outer material, besides being waterproof (even in a downpour), is matte and pleasant to touch, which is much better than some other raincoats that are shiny and plastic. This raincoat is a great convergence of rainwear plus warmth, a lovely all-rounder.

ENOUGH SPACE TO LAYER BENEATH - Neither too wide nor too narrow around the body, it would fit well over thick jumper for winter or without in warmer weather.

ADORABLE OUTSIDE AND LOVELY INSIDE- Outside vibrant colours match with gorgeous bright little flower detail, and inside lining is a great contrast with more flowers.

SIZE INFO: Please check messurements to make sure the item fits before you order. If want more space for child's growing, you're suggested to choose a size up. For more detailed size information, please refer to the SIZE CHECKING in product description.


Talking about the gas permeability of children's reflective raincoats

With the development of science and technology, people's living standards have improved, more and more high-tech products are used in our production and life. Raincoats are essential items in our daily life. Only by knowing these knowledge in advance can we be more Good use of the product, but most people do not understand the gas permeability problem of children's reflective raincoat. The following small series will introduce the gas permeability of children's reflective raincoat.

Talking about the Breathability Problem of Children's Reflective Raincoat

The thickness of the strip fabric used in the raincoats produced by our company reaches 22s, which is more than 4-5S than the average raincoat. The squeezing power of cloth and glue is 1.5KG, which is more than 0.6KG than the average raincoat. When it reaches the domestic scale, the raincoat profile is not easy to foam and durable. The cuffs are made of PU material, which is soft and soft, and it is waterproof and comfortable. 2, the adoption of the ancestors' sealing line skills, can completely isolate the rain without the need of lining cloth, and handle the problem of moisture in the traditional raincoat because of the water infiltration caused by the lining cloth and affecting the exhaust. 3, the unique back ventilation plan: for the body's heat many things through the back of the crowd to exclude this feature, to create a back ventilation plan, has won the national patent. 4, luminous plan: improved the visibility of raincoats on rainy nights, and strengthened the safety of rainy nights.





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