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Clear Plastic Raincoat

Clear plastic raincoat We areClear plastic raincoat china Manufacturer. We devoted ourselves to transparent plastic raincoat 12 years, covering most of North America and the Western Europe market. We are also supply, two-men bike raincoat. Brand: Lideming Is it a one-off: yes. The raincoat is...

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Brand: Lideming

Is it a one-off: yes.

The raincoat is thick: thin.

Raincoat fabric: PE

Waterproof adhesive layer: no.

Applicable object: adult.

Applicable number: 1 person.

Packing: bagged.

Export: yes

Thickness :(1.5 wire thickness: 0.015mm 100 silk = 1mm)

Unit of measurement: piece

Color: transparent

Use way: outdoor travel necessary, rainy can be repeated many times, not easy to break.

Special point: small and easy to carry, it is the summer and rainy weather out of the necessary supplies.

Use and carry are very convenient, environmental protection is not toxic, put in a bag or car to prepare, no burden at all, daily life is available, also can travel time use. To carry with them to and from work; Go out for emergency use or as a rest meal mat under.








What is the way to identify the quality of the raincoat?

The raincoats produced by raincoat manufacturers play an important role in our lives, but how should we identify the quality of them in normal times? Today, Xiaobian introduces the knowledge that I know to you. Let’s take a closer look. !

First of all, we can choose through its fabric. If it is recycled material, then its glue and cloth have poor cohesiveness, and it will wrinkle when applied. This is what we need to know, and secondly, pay attention to how its work is done. If the equipment produced is relatively backward, then the stitches on it are very large, and the stitching height is inconsistent, and whether it can prevent rain, seal the human body, the heat in the body can not be discharged, and the outside heat is hot. Formed stagnant water. Only by satisfying the above knowledge can it be said that it is a quality product.

The relevant personnel of the raincoat manufacturer told us that when purchasing, it is necessary to select the style of the product according to their favorite degree. The main consideration is the beautiful appearance. I hope the above explanation will help you!

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