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Transparent Raincoat PVC

transparent raincoat PVC We are transparent raincoat PVC china Wholesalers. We have professional technical team and advanced production equipment to ensure that the quality of the products and services. We are also supply outdoor raincoat. Product information Product brand: Lideming. Material:...

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Product information

Product brand: Lideming.

Material: PE

Product origin: Shenzhen, China.

Product style: simple fashion.

Product specification: 120*100.

Package number: 200.

Customization: yes.

Whether to print the logo: yes.








1、What's the difference between a transparent raincoat PVC and a nylon raincoat?

The transparent raincoat is made of PVC (PVC), which is made out of plastic and semi-transparent plastic rain coats, which are cheap, but easily broken.

Nylon and PVC are used as materials: the inner surface of nylon fabric is coated with a layer of PVC waterproof layer. Its price is moderate and not easy to be damaged. It is the main material for the raincoat now.

The waterproof and moisture-permeable cloth is used as a material: the inner surface of the fabric is coated with a waterproof, breathable coating, just like the raincoat often used for climbing clothes. Its waterproof and moisture-permeable layer has 1 billion micro-holes per square inch. These micro-holes allow gas molecules to pass through, but they cannot allow larger water molecules to pass through. Therefore, they can achieve waterproof effects. The disadvantage of waterproof and breathable coatings is that they are expensive.

What to pay attention to when it rains

2、As the weather gradually cools, we have gradually entered the fall, but it is still a rainy season, so what do you need to pay attention to when traveling in rainy weather? Raincoat manufacturers remind us like this:

The first point is to wear more than usual, because it will cool down when it rains. I believe that everyone has a deep understanding of this, so be sure to take care of the cold and cold. Second, if you need to go to work or go to school, go early to prevent late arrival. Because the rain is slower in both the car and the bicycle. The third point, do the appropriate protective measures, pay attention to bring an umbrella or raincoat, and give the child more care to catch cold and catch cold. The fourth point, there is no particularly important thing, the best indoor activities, not to go far. The fifth point, close the doors and windows, do not open the TV or computer in the thunderstorm, pull the power plug to prevent the power.

For rainy days, there are actually many inconveniences. Not only are natural disasters prone to occur, but also traffic accidents are more likely to occur. Therefore, when traveling, you must have sufficient time and appropriate protection work.

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