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Blue Anti-static Shoe Covers

Blue anti-static shoe cover, hand-made shoe cover made by hand and hand. Welcome electronic factories need to prevent static electricity manufacturers from sending emails or calling to consult.

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Product Description

Made by anti-static cloth, our products is in dark blue color and not easy to get dirty. You can reuse it after cleaning, which is more economical and practical than disposable ones. Our product not only can be wear-resisting and achieve antiskid but also antistatic function.It is applicable to high clean and clean environment, this product can be adapted to class 10~10000 clean environment.

Shenzhen Lideming technology co., LTD. Is a factory specializing in the production of shoe covers. The factory is located in the 3 building of jinxing industrial park, dalang huchang road, baoan district, Shenzhen city.


Deep color, easy to clean

Not disposable, can be recycled

Anti-static, good for favctory use

No shedding and skidding

Basic Specifications

Brand: Lideming

Export: yes

The article number 02255

Export: yes

Origin: Shenzhen, China.

Packing quantity: 1500 pairs/box.

Whether the source of the patent: no.

Color: dark blue






FAQ:What is the working principle?

What is the antistatic principle? Many people are not clear about this problem. A pair of small static shoes, the effect is so great! What kind of secret does this contain?

In fact, it is very simple, that is, the sole with anti-static performance is adopted. Theproduct has a conductive function, and the anti-static clothing is better to guide the static electricity generated by the human body to the earth by friction, thereby avoiding and accumulating electrostatic accidents, thereby eliminating The role of static electricity in the human body. The goal is to reduce the grounding frequency resistance of the grounding grid to less than 0.5Ω. The principle: wearing it is the most effective and reliable method for discharging the electrostatic charge of the human body, and it also effectively inhibits the human body in the absence of Dust driven by walking inside the dust chamber. Anti-static clothing with anti-static shoes makes the human body and the earth "connect" or "ground" to achieve the purpos, successfully control the human body's electrostatic charge on the production line and human body adverse effects, mainly the soil resistivity around the static place And its distribution in both the horizontal and vertical directions, it can be seen that the role of it is often large.

The principle is so simple, but the production, washing and testing is not easy! Want to know more, you can consult the anti-static

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